Location Interview

The interview topic was a Canadian photographer who talked about his experiences in the photography industry. My idea about this interview was that I wanted to share positive energy and cheer up people who feel lost about their future.

Skill Development:

  • Prepare interview questions
  • Communicate well with interviewer
  • Set up interview lights and cameras
  • Develop storytelling skills by editing

Tools: Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera, Premiere Pro

Special thanks to Spencer Wynn

Photographer Spencer Wynn provided images

Background music: Hopeful Dramatic Piano Memories by IvanLuzan, Inspirational Cinematic Piano With Orchestra by MusicalSmile, Emotional Piano by OlexandrIgnatov

capstone project

The video aims to show how I am familiar with setting lights in studios. I really enjoy working in a studio and have fun with my models as well as my colleagues. In this video, I also created the opening and ending through After Effect and Illustrator.

Skill Development:

  • Prepare a shooting script
  • Communicate well with my videographer and models
  • Set up studio lights and camera
  • Develop storytelling skills by editing
  • Improve motion graphic design skills

Tools: Canon 7D, Premiere Pro, After Effect, Illustrator, script, studio lights

Film by Vitoria Dayane Farias

Background music: Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeod

Use my imagination

I had an opportunity to go to Florence to do my internship. However, my internship had to turn online because of the pandemic. I wish there is a door that could take me to Florence. With this idea, I start to research how to mask the door and edit the dramatic transition. I found all the footage, sound effects, and background music from Envato Elements. Also, I added some slow-motion movements to make the video looks more cinematic. This was a fun and cool project I had made. I really enjoy making my imagination comes true.

Skill Development:

  • Problem sloving
  • Innovative thinking
  • Develop storytelling skills

Tools: Premiere Pro, After Effect

Sources from Envato Elements

Phone Shooting

It was a school video project of a phone shooting in March 2020. This project’s topic was based on a funny story and talked about how Covid changes our daily life. The main purpose is to remind people to wear masks, maintain social distancing to protect themselves, and protect medical staff.

Skill Development:

  • Write a short story and draw storyboards
  • Capture supporting visuals and match the story
  • Create content based on current news

Tools: Huawei Nova 5 Pro, Premiere Pro

Actress & Actor: Luna Wu, Andy Guo

Background music: Dark Stranger by DepasRec, Vintage Rocker by WarmMusic, Artist In Motion by Qseven Productions

Cinematic Language

It was a school video project of cinematic language. This project’s main purpose was to test whether students understand the theory of shooting and understand how to use different techniques for shooting videos. My biggest challenge in this project was that it was difficult to let a kid follow my instructions based on my script because she just wanted to play, so I chose to have fun with her while I was filming.

Skill Development:

  • Understand camera shots, angles, and movements
  • Have critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Train the sensitivity of choosing music

Tools: Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera, Premiere Pro

Special thanks to Lida Ersozlu, Dilara Ersozlu

Background music: anewbeginning, buddy, acousticbreeze all by bensound


It was a school video project for the documentary. The video was about my roommate’s one day. This was the next project after the Cinematic Language project. Through the project, I learned how to prepare, shoot, and produce a documentary. Without any background music and effects, I could tell the story with my camera and natural sounds.

Skill Development:

  • Understand camera shots, angles, and movements
  • Have basic knowledge of documentary
  • Practice storytelling skills

Tools: Canon 7D DSLR, Premiere Pro

Special thanks to Cady Liao


All videos were filmed by Protake application with my Huawei Nova 5 pro, and they were edited by TikTok Editor. They are not for commercial.

BGM: 放你走(Let you go) by 渡

BGM: 太阳(Sun) by 邱振哲

BGM: Someday or One day from 《想见你》片头曲

BGM: 秋虫(Bugs in fall) by 赵震

BGM: Hopeful Dramatic Piano Memories by IvanLuzan

BGM: Mother’s heart by Unis Abdullaev

BGM: 星空剪影(Starry sky silhouette) by 蓝心羽

BGM: 回不去的从前(The past) by 周延英

Everyone could be a unique videographer, photographer, or designer,

so do I.

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