I am a designer, videographer, and photographer.

I treat all difficulties as challenges to myself. Getting out of my comfort zone to experience different things is one of the ways to inspire my confidence.

Wherever I study or work, I am full of passion and curiosity. I believe that there is always something I can learn from others.

Most art forms require a contribution from the observer. I am an observer.

Brand guide

My logo design is based on my family name Luo “羅.” Collection (gather together) is one of my family name’s meaning. Separating my family name from up to down will be like this “四” and “維,” which means four-dimensional. My family name reminds me to keep my way of seeing things from different perspectives.

I changed the “四“ into a camera because I like photography, and I like seeing things from different perspectives through my eyes as well as my camera. Also, I like observing things around me, especially when I need to find some ideas.

Brand meanings:
• Seeing things from different perspectives.
• I (observer) get your ideas.

Everyone could be a unique videographer, photographer, or designer,

so do I.

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